House of Wisdom 2.0 

For ideas to go beyond borders they must be translated and distributed, talked about and shared. Not surprisingly, regions throughout the world with the highest prevalence of violent extremism and authoritarianism are also the most restrictive regarding the open exchange of ideas.  

A foundational program at Ideas Beyond Borders is our translation project, where we work with regional partners to translate books, articles, and online content into Arabic and other languages. We make the inaccessible accessible, opening minds and warming hearts.

Our English-to-Arabic translation program is called Bayt Al Hikma 2.0, the rekindling of the Golden Age of Islam that produced the “House of Wisdom” when science, critical thinking, and pluralism, and similar enlightenment ideas were welcomed and embraced.

Our Wikipedia translation project is processing dozens of articles every week, while larger titles such as Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker and Waking Up by Sam Harris will soon be available. A distribution portal and robust social media campaign will provide a gateway of knowledge to millions of people.

Global Conversations

Our Facebook community is over 330,000 participants strong and growing! Here we encourage the passionate but respectful exchange of opinions about empowering the vulnerable and preventing extremism before it takes root.


With curated content and submissions from users, we tackle the tough topics head on. Our DBB page is where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Throughout it all we’re listening and learning, eager to apply new insights to our mission.