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Afghanistan Rescue Fund

Saving Translators & Sharing Knowledge

Many translators and their families are still trapped in Afghanistan and the oppressive Taliban regime. We are running out of time before the Taliban's grip strengthens further, with increasingly extreme policies and revenge killings becoming the norm. This is the tragedy we are facing right now. But you have the power to change this.

Our Middle East team and our partners have been identifying translators, reviewing security plans, identifying local partners with relevant experience, and working to ensure (as best as possible) safe passage and an ultimately safer place to live and work.

We are investing resources right now, but this is an extraordinary situation, something not covered in our budget. That’s why we need your help in covering relocation costs, the launch of the new Afghanistan version of the House of Wisdom 2.0, and other program expenses.


"These people are heroes who are fighting every day for the values we hold dear. They must be saved."

Faisal Al Mutar

President & Founder of Ideas Beyond Borders

Help The House Of Wisdom 2.0 Project

When you donate, you will help our translators and their families escape from Afghanistan, and provide them with stability in the form of employment and other assistance at a time when their lives and livelihoods are at risk.

At the very same moment, these same translators are defiantly lighting a candle in opposition to the Taliban’s imposed darkness. Already, they have translated hundreds of articles on women’s rights, democracy, pluralism and more in Pashto and Dari, the two main languages of Afghanistan. Already, thousands of Afghans are reading the House of Wisdom 2.0 content that will, one day, turn the tide.

Your donation has a direct impact on the lives of our translators. $25 feeds a translator & their family for a week, $300 covers the fees for a passport, $2,000 pays for their travel costs if they have a visa, and $6,000 pays for the full cost of relocating a translator regardless of visa status. Donate now to save lives, fight oppression, and ensure there are always Ideas Beyond Borders.

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