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Afghanistan Translation Project

Translating Inaccessible Knowledge In Afghanistan

We have expanded our core translation program, House Of Wisdom 2.0 to ensure the people of Afghanistan have an unbiased and unrestricted access to knowledge in this time of repression.

Since launching in October 2021, we have already translated over 1400 articles on critical thinking, science and civil rights into the two widest-spoken languages of Afghanistan, Pashto and Dari.

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Help The Afghanistan House Of Wisdom 2.0 Project

When you donate, you will help employ displaced translators from Afghanistan, and provide them with stability in the form of employment at a time when their livelihoods are at risk.

There are still many people in Afghanistan willing to work under extraordinary circumstances to make knowledge accessible to their fellow citizens, and Ideas Beyond Borders gives them the platform to do this safely.

Faisal Al Mutar

President & Founder of Ideas Beyond Borders

Sharing Knowledge For Those Who Need It

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