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Donate Stocks To A Nonprofit

We welcome donations of stock or mutual funds. 

Reasons to consider donating appreciated stocks:

Gifting appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Ideas Beyond Borders will be immediately put to work by our Middle East team, who are equipping Arab youth with the knowledge to build a better future. It typically also offers financial benefit to you from a tax-deductibility and capital gains tax perspective. Of course, you should consult your advisors since specific situations vary.

How to make a stock donation

Step 1: Complete your transfer.
Contact the institution where your stocks are held and let them know you’d like to transfer the shares to the Ideas Beyond Borders account at Fidelity. You may need the following codes:

Fidelity DTC: 0226

Fidelity Account # Z40238381 

Ideas Beyond Borders EIN: 82-1447974

Step 2: Let us know about your gift.
Stock donations transferred to our Fidelity account aren’t accompanied by donor information. For this reason, we ask that you please fill out the secure online form below. We want to be sure we can acknowledge your charitable donation of stock and send you a tax receipt.

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