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Give the Gift of Ideas this Giving Tuesday

Let’s bring ENLIGHTENMENT NOW to the Middle East and Beyond!


Steven Pinker’s best selling Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress is a breath of fresh air, showing how the world is a better place than most politicians and pundits would have us believe–a result of the enlightenment values we hold dear, yet often take for granted.

Nowhere is Dr. Pinker’s message more important than in areas of the world where freedom of speech is restricted, and where access to important books like Dr. Pinker’s is denied.

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That’s why Ideas Beyond Borders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making knowledge universally accessible, is honored to translate and distribute Enlightenment Now for free into Arabic.

But we need your help! Together, we can educate, empower, and inspire millions throughout the region. Join us and Dr. Pinker in delivering the message of Enlightenment Now to people who need it the most!