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Help us fund underground schools in Afghanistan to ensure girls get the education they need.

In January, Taliban officials repeated promises to reinstate education for all girls but then extended the ban indefinitely, and earlier this month they released a formal directive saying women should not leave their homes except in cases of urgent necessity. “Our mothers and sisters are illiterate because of their wars. I am afraid history is repeating itself in Afghanistan,” says Salma, who was a teacher at a private school in Kabul before the Taliban takeover. 

We're working with local partners in the country to fund secret underground schools to counter this oppression and help girls get the vital education they need.

We're so close to our $100,000 goal and we need your help.

You can help fight this oppression of civil rights


$19 feeds & educates a schoolgirl for a week
$78 feeds & educates a schoolgirl for a month
$986 feeds & educates a schoolgirl for a year.


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