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Board of Directors​

Our board, responsible for guiding our direction, strategy and future projects

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

President & Founder Ideas Beyond Borders
Sam Hershey IBB

Sam Hershey

Chairman of the Board & Attorney at White & Case
melissa chen IBB

Melissa Chen

Managing Director & Board Member
Steven Pinker IBB

Steven Pinker

Board Member & Professor at Harvard University
Daniel Johnson IBB

Dan Johnson

Board Member, CEO & Chairman of AFS

Brady Forrest

Board Member, Head of Business Development at MobileCoin
Nick G

Nick Gillespie

Board Member, Editor-at-large at Reason

Our Advisory Board​

Our acclaimed advisors offer an extraordinary breadth of expertise across several fields

Vinicius Fortuna IBB

Vinicius Fortuna

Censorship and digital security expert
Sam Vaghar IBB

Sam Vaghar

Social Entrepreneur & Executive Director
Michael Trollan IBB

Michael Trollan

Renowned Technology Expert
Aaron Louis IBB

Aaron Louis

Director of Audio Visual at the New York Museum of Modern Art
Bob Pearson IBB

Bob Pearson

CEO, The Bliss Group
Jeffrey Flier IBB

Jeffrey Flier

Former Dean of Harvard Medical School
CynthiaSchneider IBB

Cynthia Schneider

Former US Ambassador to the Netherlands
anthony amore IBB

Anthony Amore

Author & Security/Investigations Expert
Merete Riisager IBB

Merete Riisager

Former Danish Minister of Education
Al Shawaf IBB

Laith Al-Shawaf

Professor of Psychology & Content Advisor
Natalie Khazaal

Natalie Khazaal

Expert on Disenfranchisement, Media and Languages in the Arab World
omar mohammed IBB

Omar Mohammed

Historian and Author of the Mosul Eye
Hugo Williams 1

Hugo Williams

Templar Advisors
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Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
Alberto Fernandes

Alberto Fernandez

Vice President - MEMRI

Tom G. Palmer

Executive Vice President for International Programs at Atlas Network

Alexander McCobin

Co-Founder & General Partner, Liberty Ventures
Jacob Mchangama 442x620

Jacob Mchangama

Founder & Director, Justitia

Mohamad Soliman

Director, Middle East Institute

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