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Our bastion of programs protects critical thinking, science and civil rights in the Middle East

Our Flagship Translation Program

House of Wisdom 2.0

The House of Wisdom 2.0 is a revived, online, and modern version of the original House of Wisdom, the great library of Baghdad that served as a center for innovation, pluralistic thought, and scientific discovery during the last Middle Eastern Golden Age.
MENA Youth Putting Their Values into Action

Innovation Hub

Ideas Beyond Borders is empowering the House of Wisdom 2.0 community by helping youth put their ideas into action. The Innovation Hub provides microgrants for “passionate people with good ideas.” These are our Innovators.
Rescuing Translators from the Taliban

Afghanistan Rescue Fund

Help our translators and their families escape from Afghanistan, helping their safe return, employment and their ability to translate for the Afghan people who badly need their help. We have also expanded our House Of Wisdom translation project to include the two main languages in Afghanistan, Pashto and Dari.
Keeping Conversations Global

Global Conversations

Our Facebook discussion forum, engaging more than two million people and counting. We curate content specifically designed to spark lively, spirited discussion on controversial topics – from innovative technologies to people fighting for free speech around the globe.
The Source for Liberal Views in the Middle East

Bel Arabi Podcast

Bel Arabi is the new, rapidly growing home for Arab liberal thinkers and advocates. Bel Arabi’s podcasts and videos provide a much-needed platform, where leading thinkers and activists in the Middle East can speak their minds.
Empowering the Educators Of Tomorrow

University Student Translator Program

Developing the translation, professional, and leadership skills of university students who are committed to House of Wisdom 2.0 values. We offer students a full semester of extracurricular webinars that provide in-depth experience in translating and editing articles, thinking critically about good sources, and learning to lead volunteer communities committed to sharing knowledge. The best students win prizes and the opportunity to advance to leadership positions in the Wikipedia Arabic community.
ISIS Destroys, IBB Rebuilds

University of Mosul library Project

ISIS destroyed the Central Library at the University of Mosul in 2014. UNESCO called this barbaric act “one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history.” There is a reason why the library was among the first institutions destroyed by ISIS. A major center of learning, the Central Library was widely known and respected throughout the region as a place of knowledge, science, and pluralistic thinking. In destroying this institution, ISIS sent a powerful signal not only in Mosul, but throughout the Middle East.

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