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The IBB Annual Report 2020 Arrives!

Harrowing at times, 2020 was a potentially disastrous year. But thanks to our supporters, Ideas Beyond Borders (IBB) truly met the moment, succeeding beyond all expectations.

The Middle East’s authoritarians, extremists, and others like China and Russia seized the opportunity presented by COVID-19 to sow new disinformation and misinformation.

Disrupting the Disinformation Ecosystem

IBB was ready. We did not give up when the pandemic hit; instead, we dug in and got on with accomplishing our mission. We shared a positive alternative to the divisive, false narratives spread by others.

2020 annual report for Ideas Beyond Borders cover image with the title Disrupting the Disinformation Ecosystem

As documented in Disrupting the Disinformation Ecosystem, IBB instead engaged tens of millions of Middle Eastern youth, ultimately sharing more than 20,000 pieces of content. including factual information about the pandemic, critical thinking, and ways to combat disinformation.

We owe this success to you, our contributors, and our supporters. Thank you for making 2020’s incredible success possible, and for enabling a brighter future in 2021.

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