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Discover I Pencil, Explained for the 1st Time in the Arabic Language

Based on the notable essay “I, Pencil,” by the great American economist Leonard Read, the video is presenting, for the first time in the Arabic language by Ideas Beyond Borders, the story of how a pencil is manufactured.

Discover the Essay I Pencil Explained For the First Time in the Arabic Language in a Video Format

Cover of the Book I Pencil Explained For The First Time In The Arabic Language in a video format.

Throughout the story, we see how people from the entire globe are cooperating and being integrated to produce the final product of a pencil.

While these people have many differences, even enmities, the free-market principles and the willingness to cooperate in order to make a profit are the only common ground that gathers them.

The video argues for a free market that unites different people. In the video, we come to know the brilliant American economist and the receiver of a Nobel Prize Milton Friedman and his wife Rose.

In their famous book “Free to Choose,” they advocate free market principles, which have significance and relevance here and now, just as much as they did half a century ago.

“For many Arab-speaking viewers, the content of this video was entirely new and, in some ways, provocative.

Unfortunately, many have been learning to hate Western principles, especially when it comes to the economy. That was reflected in some of the comments. Thus, one wrote: “greedy Capitalists.” Another comment raised a question about the status of workers in those farms and factories which produce the materials needed for creating the pencil as a final product.

Other viewers, however, expressed their admiration of the concept promoted in this video, and the ideas that are presented in the pages of “Bayt al Hikma 2.0” (The House of Wisdom).

The video has thus far generated 15 shares, 3 comments, 119 interactions, 19.6K views and 175 one minutes views. And it has reached 65,500 people.

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