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Ideas Beyond Borders is Proud to Announce New Guidestar Platinum Status

As IBB enters its fourth year of operations, achieving Guidestar Platinum status highlights our commitment to transparency, and signifies a level of credibility and accountability for the organization, as well as excellence in financial accountability and program implementation.

In order to achieve this status, IBB submitted financial statements, strategic plans, and program metrics that we will continue to track and update.

Ideas Beyond Borders is Proud to Announce New Guidestar Platinum Status
Ideas Beyond Borders is Proud to Announce New Guidestar Platinum Status

IBB relies on a growing number of incredibly committed individual donors, and increasingly, companies and foundations. Specifically, we are grateful for the generous support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Elevate Prize Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Atlas Network, and the MobileCoin Foundation.

IBB’s long-range goal is to create the conditions for a new Middle East-inspired Enlightenment and to do so by overcoming censorship and making forbidden content available.

We are now investing in order to become the leading source of information for young adults in the Middle East and North Africa who want to explore and engage with content about democracy, human rights, science, and pluralism.

Having built the Bayt al Hikma 2.0 digital content engine, marketing program, and distribution network, IBB is now scaling its user base and will be ideally positioned to serve the MENA region’s 150 million youth, create systemic changes in their knowledge and awareness, and create opportunities for successful social change.

About Ideas Beyond Borders

Ideas Beyond Borders develops and implements international programs to empower individuals with knowledge often suppressed by authoritarian regimes and dictatorships.

By encouraging youth and young adults to think critically about topics ranging from civil rights to science and reason, IBB is laying the groundwork for people to retain their cultural identities while questioning the status quo, pushing back against extremist hate and violence, and finding their own unique voice.

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