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MENA Youth Putting Their Values into Action

Ideas Beyond Borders is empowering the House of Wisdom 2.0 community by helping youth put their ideas into action. The Innovation Hub provides microgrants for “passionate people with good ideas.” These are our Innovators.

The Innovation Hub idea is very simple. We are making it simpler for people who share our ideals to get funding and positively change their own societies. 

At the simplest level, we provide small grants to people with good ideas. Without the bureaucracy, without the corruption and the red tape.

Some examples of what funded so far

  • Launching the first science podcast in Afghanistan.
  • Distributing banned books via encrypted messaging apps
  • Supporting underground schools for girls in Afghanistan
  • Unpacking taboo subjects in the Arab world
  • Popularizing Humanism through heavy metal music.
  • Sex education workshops for former slaves in north africa.
  • Critical thinking workshops across the region. 
  • Helping Syrian refugees overcoming language barriers. 

The Innovation Hub program, launched in 2021, is growing exponentially, and is enabling the region’s change-makers to bring a new MENA Enlightenment to life.

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