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Translation University Program Empowers Hareth with Improved Skills

Author: Hareth Mohamad

Last year, I took part in a translation program with Bayt Al-Hikma 2 led by Ideas Beyond Borders to translate different articles for Wikipedia. As a freshman student in an English language department, this program took place during a very important time for me, as it enhanced my English writing and editing skills. I enjoyed translating for Bayt Al-Hikma 2 as they are professional, diverse, resourceful, and dedicated.


Bayt Al-Hikma 2 is very professional in choosing the right volunteers. The program follows specific guidelines to ensure each person has the ability to engage as a reliable translator for large websites, such as Wikipedia. By testing the volunteers multiple times, the organization is able to truly see each applicant’s translation ability. I found this process both interesting and promising while I applied for this program.

Bayt Al Hikma 2.0 translation program is reigniting the golden ages.
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Hareth’s translation has expanded his knowledge

In addition to this, Bayt Al-Hikma 2 helped me expand my knowledge by translating different kinds of articles. For example, I learned more about sports when I translated an article describing the history of professional wrestling. I depicted how the sport began and how it progressed throughout the years. Additionally, I translated an article concerning the differences between multiple cultures in the USA. My favorite article that I translated was about the Star Wars trilogy because I am very fond of the films. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of articles that I translated for the program.


Furthermore, the Bayt Al-Hikma 2 webinars have been one of the most helpful resources that I have access to. These webinars help volunteers improve their translation skills. One remarkable webinar that I still remember was with the talented translator Raghad Qasim. She did an amazing job teaching us how to enhance our translation skills by using tips to focus on the content of the article while reading and translating. The program also has Mr. Hussein Ibrahim, who is a great and intellectual person with amazing translation skills. This is what makes this program stand out compared to others. Bayt Al-Hikma 2 relies on trusted and professional people to help their volunteers become great translators.

Another important thing to mention is the thrilling dedication of the organization’s founders, especially Mr. Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar. The founder built this organization from nothing and continuously fought his way to where he is today. Bayt Al-Hikma 2 has become an inspirational and successful organization that focuses on different peoples’ abilities and how they can showcase their talents within this organization.

This article was edited by Skyeler Antonino

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