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Exciting News! Vinicius Fortuna from Google / Jigsaw team joins IBB’s advisory board.

We are proud to announce that Vinicius Fortuna from Google / Jigsaw team has agreed to join our advisory board.

Vinicius has been a great friend of IBB for the past couple of years and he has provided free workshops to our translators in the middle east about digital security, censorship circumvention, and misinformation.

Vinicius Fortuna’s Biography

Vinicius Fortuna is a software engineer and problem solver that leads the team at Google’s Jigsaw with the mission to protect people’s ability to participate in the global internet. His team has improved internet standards and platforms, built access tools such as the Outline VPN and Intra, and is working on improving the way we measure the blocking of services.


Vinicius thrives in the vanguard of technology and ambiguous problems where it’s not clear what the solution should be. He previously worked on Google’s Web Search, where he was one of the creators of the Knowledge Panels, with 7 patents issued. He was born in Brazil during the military dictatorship and is passionate about defending human rights and freedom of expression.

More about him:

Vinicius Fortuna from Google / Jigsaw team joins IBB's advisory board.

Please join us in welcoming Vinicius to IBB’s family!

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