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House of Wisdom 2.0

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The House of Wisdom

Muawiyah the 1st gathered a collection of books in Damascus, forming the library "Bayt al-Hikma", better known to us as the House of Wisdom.

Under Muawiyah's rule, the Umayyads appropriated Chinese paper-making techniques and joined many ancient intellectual centers, employing Christian and Persian scholars to both translate works into Arabic and develop new knowledge.

These were critical elements that directly contributed to the flourishing of scholarship in the Arab world.


House of Wisdom 2.0

After a near-1350 year hiatus, the House of Wisdom is back, and it's needed now more than ever.

Eighteen of 23 countries included in the MENA region have serious threats to freedom of press & information, with MENA countries dominating the top 10% of media-oppressed countries. Only 3% of online content is available in Arabic. In contrast, yet Arabic is the 4th most spoken language among internet users. 

We wanted to change this, and so the House of Wisdom 2.0 was born.

Making Information Accessible To All

Today, the House of Wisdom 2.0 is the largest multimedia content platform of its kind in the region, producing thousands of original videos and a treasure trove of translated articles and books each year. With our 220-strong team of translators, we have translated more Enlightenment information into Arabic than any other organization on earth. All of our content is free and is viewed more than 50 million times per year.

Views Of Our Curated Content To Date

What We Translate

We've translated articles & books and created content on subjects including civil rights, dictatorships, science, Charles Darwin, women's rights, evolution and even enlightenment itself.

The People Behind The Progress

Meet our translators, activists, editors and producers pursuing freedom of information in the Middle East

Our translators are open-minded and courageous, with many suffering from discrimination, receiving death threats and living in war zones. They are diverse, too, 50% are young women; and some identify as LGBT. There are Christians, Muslims, atheists, and agnostics. Many have advanced degrees in the humanities, engineering, medicine, and more. They are change makers."

Ahmed Al Rayyis

BAH 2.0 Program Manager

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Further Information

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The Largest Go-to Source of Accurate Information on Enlightenment Topics in MENA

The House of Wisdom 2.0 program began with the translation of seminal works such as Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now and has rapidly grown to become a full-fledged producer of original and translated content. Today, the House of Wisdom 2.0 is the largest multimedia content platform of its kind in the region, distributing thousands of videos, articles, books, and podcasts every year. All of our content is free and is viewed more than 50 million times per year. 

Overcoming State Censorship and Ignorance Every Day 

Before Ideas Beyond Borders came on the scene, regional authoritarians could prevent young people from learning what it takes to develop a modern, enlightened society. But because we are headquartered in the United States, MENA authoritarians can’t easily shut us down.

A Burgeoning, Thriving Online Community 

Above all, the House of Wisdom 2.0 is a community for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) youth to explore Enlightenment ideals and ideas, and ultimately bring them to life. Our 4.8 million followers are taking action to educate themselves about what it takes to develop societies that value freedom of expression, human rights, and pluralism.

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